Paddle Board Rentals


Lake Allatoona Kayaking is here to provide you with a and hassle free rental experience on this beautiful lake! Paddle Boarding the lake gives you a unique perspective on the landscape and wildlife while exercising and having fun! We offer inflatable Paddleboard, Fiberglass paddleboards and race paddleboards, just let us know what you’re feeling and we will have you covered! Lake Allatoona Paddleboarding is a great way to bring large groups together or just get out and enjoy the day!

Our Rentals

Single Person Kayak
1 hour 29.99 – 2 hour 45.00 – full day 55.00        
KAYAK-Double Person
1 hour 45.00 – 2 hour 75.00 – full day 90.00
Paddleboard Fiberglass
1 hour 29.99 – 2 hour 60.00 – full day 69.99
Plastic Paddleboard (Dog Friendly)
1 hour 29.99 – 2 hour 50.00 – full day 59.99
Pedal Drive Kayak
1 hour 49.99 – full day 75.00


Please call before you pay to confirm your drop off location, date and time (678-672-9917)

All Kayak users MUST present a signed waiver at the Delivery location. (Download/Print Waiver (3 Pages))We offer our services around all the local marinas and campgrounds. We always have the newest equipment out and are here to serve you from March until the end of September. We offer large group discounts (4 or more)and are available for private parties as well. We will meet you at your drop point and deliver the Kayaks along with pick up service when you are done. Map of Lake Allatoona

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Please feel free to contact Murph with any feedback or questions!

Phone: 678-672-9917 - Murph