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Lake Allatoona


Lake Allatoona

Kayak Rentals on Lake Allatoona

Lake Allatoona Kayaking is the best kayaking and paddleboard experience on the lake. The owners are local residents and have been kayaking and paddleboarding around the lake for over 15 years. Our passion for kayaking and the environment around Lake Allatoona is our number rone pride and joy.

We wanted to bring a fun and convenient service to campers, locals and people who just want to enjoy the serenity and adventures that Lake Allatoona offers. There are many nooks and crannies to explore along with restaurants and activities all throughout Lake Allatoona. Kayak around Red Top Mountain State Park or enjoy the Falls around Little River. We are here to provide the best kayak rental and paddleboard rental experience on lake, hands down!

Kayak Rentals




Lake Allatoona Kayaking is here to provide you with a hassle free rental experience on beautiful Lake Allatoona! Kayaking the lake gives you a unique perspective on the landscape and wildlife while exercising and having fun!

We make everything completely seamless when it comes to renting a kayak on Lake Allatoona. You call us, we confirm your drop off location and we have one of our awesome crew members deliver the kayak right to you!

Our Rentals
(5-hour limit unless waterfall adventure package) ** Includes Adult life vest **

KAYAK-Single person                                $45.00

KAYAK-Double person                             $80.00

PADDLEBOARD-(Inflatable)                $50.00

PADDLEBOARD-(Fiberglass)              $60.00

PADDLEBOARD-(Touring/Race)       $70.00

MEGA 17ft PADDLEBOARD            $245.00

Kayak Rentals



There are eight privately operated marinas that provide fuel, storage, boat repairs, rentals, supplies, and/ or other boater’s needs.

Boat ramps

The Corps of Engineers provides fifteen public boat ramps throughout the lake area located in three counties: Cobb, Cherokee & Bartow.


The Corps of Engineers operates several campgrounds and campsites on the Lake Allatoona area.

Kayak Rentals


Allatoona Pass was the site of an intensive 8-hour battle during the Atlanta Campaign of the American Civil War in June 1864. More than 1,500 Union and Confederate soldiers were killed, wounded or missing.

The lake was authorized by the Flood Control Acts of 1941 and 1946. The creekside town of Allatoona was destroyed by the creation of the lake. Several roads were also severed or rerouted, including Acworth Dallas Highway.

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